Will Picture Perfect Decals Stick To Your Walls?

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Will Picture Perfect Decals Stick To Your Walls?

One of the most frequent questions I get is whether or not Picture Perfect Decals will work on the various textures people have on their walls. Typical vinyl wall decals require a smooth surface. Picture Perfect Decals are made of fabric have the ability to stick to multiple surfaces and textures. To back-up my claim, I tested how well the decals stick to textures such as orange peel, knock-down, and cinderblock. These are common household textures someone might have in their living space and I happen to have all three.

Let's start with orange peel. There are rougher versions than what I have in my house, but in general orange peel is the smoothest of the three textures. It literally resembles the peel of an orange...go figure! Orange peel is all over my house and I have successfully applied and removed decals on almost every wall I have. The photo below is showing a set of decals I've had on my wall for over a year.

So... orange peel -


Next I applied a fabric decal of an alien to a knockdown textured wall. For this test I chose a decal that had long skinny parts because those areas would be the first to fall down if at all. I have to admit that I was nervous about this one. It is the most textured of the three walls I was testing. Knockdown is full of rough terrain and craters. I applied the alien to the wall and actually repositioned him a few times (because I was video recording this test and never get it right on the first take). 24 hours later, it was still happily stuck to the wall with no indication of falling down. Actually, full disclosure...I was lazy and never removed the decal after the test was over. 3 weeks later and this little alien was still waving hi to me every morning when I got dressed.

Knockdown - 


Last I tested painted cement block. This has also been a success three weeks after sticking the decal onto the wall. And this wall is in my less than comfortable garage. I don't want to promote putting the decals in a humid environment, but so far this decal is not going anywhere. 

Painted Cement Block - 


All three textures had no problem holding the decals when the installation instructions are followed. So below I am going to list the Picture Perfect Decals wall preparation instructions. Follow this guideline and you will have success with your decals! Happy Sticking!


Wall Preparation

Walls should be primed and painted and then allowed to dry for a minimum of 30 days before applying Picture Perfect Decals. Walls that have been painted less than 30 days are still out-gassing and may result in the decals falling off of the wall. Walls that have not been primed before painted risk paint peeling when the decals are removed.

The material manufacturer does indicate that occasionally eggshell paint on textured surfaces causes the adhesive to fail. We have personally applied fabric wall decals to eggshell paint many times with nothing but success. But we want to mention this possible problem simply because the manufacturer has noted it.

The most important step is to clean your walls to remove any dust or residue. Use a warm wet washcloth with plain water to wipe down your walls and then allow to dry thoroughly. Do not use any cleaning products such as Windex to wipe down your walls. The residue that these products leave behind will cause failure of your decals. If you absolutely need to use a little soap please ensure at that you have washed away the soap thoroughly and allow to dry completely before applying decals.

Many variables can affect the success of a decal. Specifically extreme wall textures, new paint, dust, residue and user application error. For this reason we cannot recommend that the fabric decals be applied above a baby's crib in a position that if they were to fall off they would land into the crib and cause a suffocation hazard. The probability of this happening is extremely low but a baby should never be put at risk for the sake of decor.


This information is relevant to the fabric decals. Some designs give the option of additionally purchasing a large custom name. Custom names are made with vinyl, not fabric. Vinyl decals require smoother surfaces to stick. We do not recommend textures rougher than orange peel for vinyl names. 

You can test your walls by purchasing a sample decal here.