How to Apply Picture Perfect Decals

Picture Perfect Decals - How To Apply Wall Decals

Supplies You May Need

  • Scissors
  • Clean damp cloth or sponge for wiping down the walls
  • A level if you have any straight lines or text that should be leveled

IMPORTANT: Wait 30 days after painting walls for paint to completely out-gas and cure. Your decals may not stick if you do not wait 30 days. 

Wash your hands to remove any oil and dirt. Dry hands completely. Use a warm, damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the wall. Only use warm water, NO cleaning products or Windex. Allow the wall to completely dry. Look over your decals and create a plan for where you want to place them.

Carefully peel a decal off the backing paper. At times the fabric decals may still be connected to the background by a thread that did not completely cut. This is normal and the decal should pull free with minimal effort. Occasionally you will encounter a spot that does not easily pull free. If this happens, simply use scissors to cut the decal free of that one area. Once your decal is removed from the backing, stick it on the clean wall and smooth into place making sure to press all edges completely down. Repeat until all of your decals are in place.

Larger decals may require two people to ensure it doesn't fold onto itself. If a decal does stick to itself, no worries! It can be gently pulled apart with no damage. Fabric decals can be repositioned many times, however, once the adhesive collects too much dust, dirt or fibers it will become less effective. Only apply to clean dry surfaces to ensure they stick through multiple moves. If there are bubbles or wrinkles, just peel back that area and re-apply. Your hands may gather ink when smoothing in place. You may want to use a clean dry rag instead.

Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to apply your fabric wall decals. We also simulate any problems you may run into and how to easily fix them.

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